12 Lessons for today, hidden in the Christmas Story

Hidden in the Christmas story are many intensely practical lessons that are relevant for us today. This article goes beyond what you hear in church to focus on Jesus’ parents and how they were ready to face the unexpected. It provides us with important modern lessons on “readiness” that are hidden-in-plain-sight. This well-known story about the birth of Jesus deserves new, deeper attention. It’s not just a seasonal myth, it is an incident that really happened and it changed the world.

Are we facing a major national disaster?

Situation:  In the United States we are influenced by a “normalcy bias,” and this hampers our recognition of the ‘red flags’ which warn us of disaster.  These warning signs of the times are usually present before major disasters and emergencies strike, so we need to look for them.  Plus, we need to properly evaluate what […]