Why “36” Ready?

There are 3-categories and 6-vital activities of preparedness…

Though this comes from a 2,000-year-old injunction on being ready, it couldn’t be more relevant for today.  As you know, we are living in precarious times.  Recent events remind us that those who wait for help, routinely become victims.  In a widespread emergency situation, the government and relief organizations are stretched thin, and they can’t help everyone in time.  Don’t be a victim!  You have a choice, prepare now.

Unfortunately, many people who consider themselves ready, are only partially prepared.  Don’t fall into this trap.

For example, a family might have a supply of food stockpiled, but they only have enough water for a few days and no means of purification and sanitation.  Or, they may have basic supplies, but they are poorly equipped to defend themselves against looters.

36 READY is when you are ready in all 3-categories of preparedness, and living the 6-P Code as a lifestyle.  Anything less, and you are putting yourself and your family at risk.

3-Categories of Being Prepared

– Finances (including, the means of exchange, trade, and barter)

– Provisions (water, food, gear, supplies)

– Defense (self-reliant protection)

6-P Code, Living a Lifestyle of Preparedness


Practical, real-world application,

Preparation (mental, physical, spiritual),

Provisions (water, food, gear, supplies),

Proper training, with regular


We call this the 6-P Code, and it can help you live a proactive lifestyle of preparedness.  As you embrace each aspect and activity of being 36 READY, you will become real-world prepared.  And, once you are ready to meet your own needs, you will then have the capacity to help others.  This is about community, too.  So don’t forget to incorporate a strategy for helping others in your plan.

If you are a responsible person, you must be response-able.  You need to be …



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