Important COVID-19 Prevention Information

With the help of our medical and science advisors, this article was written to equip you with the essential COVID-19 prevention recommendations you need.  It can also help you debunk inaccurate advice and misinformation that has become rampant. While the threat of this pandemic should be taken seriously, there is no need to fear.  That […]

High Demand for Potassium Iodine

When this current flap dies down, consider buying potassium iodine as a just-in-case drug for your emergency medical kit. The current rush to purchase (by civilians) is likely due to Japanese nuclear debris which is now washing up on the beaches of the west coast of the United States.   This development, combined with the U.S. government’s […]

Health Risk: West Nile Virus

In the last decade more than 30,000 Americans have become ill, and 118 have died as a result of the West Nile Virus.  This problem is growing and spreading, and has now become a serious national health threat. Infected mosquitoes are spreading this disease which can cause death and serious life-altering effects.  In the United […]