We are here to help individuals, families, and organizations become self-reliant and individually ready for emergency situations and disasters.  And, to help families and friends deal with these problems together, as a community.

Because there is a need for accurate and reliable information on these subjects, and because governments and other resources are woefully inadequate, 36READY was established.  We welcome individuals and organizations who would like to partner with us to promote our education and readiness initiative.

36READY is operated as a public service.

Our Objective

36READY serves four purposes:  1) to provide training,  2) to serve as a hub to amass training and reliable reference materials, 3) to provide product recommendations and reviews, and  4) to be a place of intersection, where experts and interested people from different walks of life can connect.

Since the 36READY website is dedicated to preparing people and communities, we invite you to participate.  If you have suggestions for us, please contact us.  Our objective is to help you confidently survive a disaster or emergency situation, and also to help you expand your capacity to help others.

In the months ahead, we will continue to add articles on preparedness, recommended supplies and where to find these items, provide product and book reviews, and other information designed to help you plan and get ready for emergency situations.  We are actively looking for contributors who are experts in a field which relates to disaster and emergency-situation readiness.

Being mentally and spiritually prepared for the volatile days ahead is even more important than physical preparations, but is not the focus of this website.  To delve into these topics, Click Here to begin.  This link takes you to a downloadable 2-page PDF that is the place to start this pursuit.

When responsible people prepare, they are response-able.

Join with us, and be 36READY.

Copyright 2012-2021 by 36READY.  Federal law allows citizens to reproduce, distribute, or exhibit portions of copyright text or data, photographs, motion pictures, videotapes, or video disks, under certain circumstances without authorization of the copyright holder.  Segmented use is allowed for educational, review, citation and other “Fair Use” purposes, as provided for in Title 17 U.S.C., Section 106A-117; U.S. Copyright Law.

We are happy to allow ‘Fair Use’ of the information we own that is contained on this website as long as the source is properly credited, along with copyright details, and that the text remains unaltered and the original meaning is maintained.  This permission specifically excludes use for any commercial purpose.

If the copyright holder of any data or image used on this website objects to its use or revokes permission, 36READY will be happy to remove that content from this website even if we have a legal right to use it.  If you object to the use of materials that you own, please click on the “Contact Us” tab at the top of the page to send us a message.  We will take prompt action as long as you provide us with specifics, along with your name and contact information, so that we can validate your claim.

Products & Services Mentioned 

The products or services referenced on this Site, or linked to, are included for one of three purposes. 1. To illustrate the type of product or service being discussed;  2. a specific item mentioned in the context of providing a review of that, or another product or service; or  3. a product or service we specifically recommend as a result of our personal experience.

The context makes it clear if it is included as an example or illustration, or we find it to be a superior product or service, or it is a product or service we specifically recommended.  In all cases, our objective is to help consumers make informed choices, dispel confusion, and to make acquisition of suitable products and services easier and quicker.  We encourage comparative shopping and we welcome corrections and feedback.

Amazon:  Links to Amazon.com are provided primarily for your convenience, to help facilitate your implementation of the recommendations contained on this website.

To help offset the costs of maintaining this Site, we are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites.  When Amazon does not offer a specific product we recommend, we generally link to REI.com (a favorite, trusted, unaffiliated vendor) or the manufacturer’s website.  Our loyalty is to the individual consumer.

Cost of Maintaining 36Ready

Unfortunately, the minimal income derived from the Amazon Associates program is insignificant compared to the cost of operating this website.  Therefore, we depend on donations from users like you, and the financial support of author SIG Swanstrom to provide this resource.

36Ready is growing

This website is used by more than 100,000 people. These users live in 70 nations, primarily in North America, the United Kingdom, Europe, India, and Asia. We encourage you to link to our articles.  We believe in friends helping friends.

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