Emergency Kit / GO-Bag for Both Evacuation and Shelter-in-Place

Developing your own new generation GO-Bag is important for personal and family safety. This article can help you develop one multipurpose emergency kit to meet your evacuation, shelter-in-place, and vehicle-based needs. To develop this article, we sought counsel from a number of experts who have extensive on-the-ground experiences, ranging from natural disasters to civil war. This article includes a list of contents for the new generation of GO-Bag needed for our changing world.

#1 Top-Rated Best Book on Preparedness

The marketplace is flooded with “how-to” books and reference materials on preparing for disasters, social unrest, and emergency-situations. Many of these are noteworthy contributions, so it’s unusual for us to declare a single work to be the single, most essential book for the times in which we are living. This one-volume is far superior to any other single resource we have ever seen.