#1 Top-Rated Best Book on Preparedness

This book is a must-read.  It’s valuable reading for today–and it will be an essential resource for tomorrow.  

The marketplace is flooded with “how-to” books and reference materials on getting ready for a disaster, social unrest, or emergency preparedness.  Many of these are noteworthy contributions, so it is unusual for us to declare a single work to be the one, essential book for getting ready for times in which we are living.  This book is far superior to any other single resource we have ever seen.  

Prepared, Ready to Roll: Evacuation, Safehaven Selection, and Shelter-in-Place Guidebook” (Books 2 and 3 combined in one volume), by SIG Swanstrom, is a book we confidently recommend. It delivers step-by-step instructions and comprehensive, need-to-know essential information in an easy to read, practical, attention-keeping style.  

Plus, in this same book, you will find a wealth of current science-based reference information on topics such as how to purify water, food options and storage, nutrition while under stress, medical and dental kits for when there is no doctor, radio choices and frequencies, GO-Bag contents, emergency light and power, firearm selection as well as non-lethal options, how to get ready to shelter-in-place, making evacuation choices, safe-haven selection, and straightforward help for evaluating your situation and making a personal action plan.

As one Amazon reviewer put it, “This book is the ‘Swiss Army Knife’ for disaster and emergency preparedness.”  It has a well-deserved 5-Star rating on Amazon.  

Sample of an independent book review on Amazon.com

“The book was very well thought out. It was laid out in a very simple and easy to understand way. It was extremely authoritative on the subject of preparedness. Lots of footnotes if you want further information. I would classify it as an EASY READ because it’s easy to find your way around the book. In fact, it’s a book that you can start reading at any place that interests you.  Just glance at the Table of Contents… WOW.”

Table of Contents

1. Scenarios: The Tactical Approach to Emergency Planning and Training
2. Adaptable & Balanced Advance-Planning is Critical
3. Escape “From” vs. Escape “To”
4. Selection of a “Safe-Haven” Retreat Location
5. Maps, Routes, and Navigation
6. Transportation for Evacuation
7. Communication During Emergency Situations

“Right Now” Evacuation & GO-Bag Essentials
8. Prepare and Share a 2-3 Page ‘Plan Summary’
9. GO-Bag: Evacuation Kit (Bug-Out Bag) Overview
10. GO-Bag Contents: Food and Water
11. GO-Bag Contents: Supplies and Gear
12. Clothing and Footwear for Evacuation
13. Emergency Kits: Vehicle-based and Home Supplies, Core Necessities
14. Water Purification Methods, Finding Water, and Water Storage Options
15. Emergency Larder: Evaluation of Food Choices and Storage Options

Defense and Safety
16. Gun Selection and Ammunition Choices
17. Tear Gas & Pepper Spray as a Self-Defense Option
18. “Prepared” vs. “Prepared and Ready to Roll”

Medical & Health
19. Medical Emergencies: You Will Need More Than a First Aid Kit
20. Preparing for a Dental Emergency

Misunderstood & Neglected Essentials
21. Flashlights, Emergency Lighting, and Batteries
22. Fuel Transport, Stabilization, and Safe Storage
23. Backup ID, Encryption, Micro Data Storage for Mobility, Key PDF Reference Documents
24. Dogs and Pets: Turning a Problem into an Asset
25. Bartering, Sustainability, and Opportunities

26. Author’s Personal Reflections

A. GO-Bag for Extended Duration Use
B. Nutritional Standards for Emergency Food
C. “Black Sky” Events: Protecting Electronics and Essential Gear from EMP, Solar Flare/CME, Nuclear, and Other Grid-Down Events. D-I-Y Protection Containers & Faraday Cages
D. Summary of Radio Options and ‘Quick Reference’ Frequency and Radio Guides

As one reviewer put it, this book was my best “investment for getting prepared for any emergency or disaster!”  Prepared, Ready to Roll, Book 2-3, by SIG Swanstrom.  Click Here for Amazon’s bio on the author, as well as for info on the other books he has written.