Viability of EMP Threat

Experts conclude that Iran may be actively preparing an EMP attack against the U.S.  If successful, the effect will be the failure of the power grid and all electronic devices in the effected zones.

Institute for Foreign Policy Analysis, report:  “Countering the EMP Threat: The Role of Missile Defense.”

Excerpt from Report:
Among the threats facing the United States are short-range ballistic missiles launched from vessels such as freighters, tankers, or contain­er ships off our shores to detonate a warhead that could have cata­strophic Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) consequences for the United States. No national strategy addresses either the EMP threat or un­derwrites a serious program to counter the delivery of EMP by a bal­listic missile launched from a vessel off our coasts.

Commis­sions, studies and hearings have produced no action beyond the byproducts of efforts to defend the United States against ICBMs that might be launched by a country such as Iran or North Korea, or our overseas troops, friends and allies against shorter range ballistic missiles.

While in no way discounting the need for effective mis­sile defenses against the growing ICBM threat, it is also im­perative that the United States address the more immediate threat posed by the possible attack by shorter-range missiles, and the EMP threat in particular. Although some enemies of the United States are developing long-range missiles, they and others already have short- and medium-range missiles that could be launched from ships near our coasts. Several years ago, Iran tested a short-range ballistic missile in a way that indicated an interest in developing an EMP capability—so this threat is not hypothetical. It also must be remembered that terrorists might purchase such missiles—even possibly armed with nuclear weapons.

The above is the introduction; the full report can be downloaded here: IFPA-Countering_the_EMP_Threat
Click Here to learn more about the effects of EMP and solar storm events, and what you can do to prepare.

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